Evgeny Gordeev

Education and research experience

1998 - 2004 – Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology (diploma with honors).

2004 - 2007 – Postgraduate course at the Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology, specialty "Chemistry of organoelement compounds," PhD in Chemistry.

2004 - 2007 – Junior Researcher at the Department of Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds (Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology),

2007 - 2011 – Assistant of the Department of the Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds (Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology),

2011 - 2014 – Associate Professor of the Department of the Chemistry and Technology of Organoelement Compounds (Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology),

2014 - 2016 – Researcher at the Laboratory of Metal-Complex and Nanoscale Catalysts (N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences).

2016 to present – Senior Researcher at the Laboratory of Metal-Complex and Nanoscale Catalysts (N. D. Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry Russian Academy of Sciences).

Research interests

Molecular modeling in the study of matter structure, mechanisms of chemical reactions and material science; application of additive manufacturing in chemistry.


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