Synthesis and Structure of [Pt(CH=CI-CH2OCH3)2(I)2] as Possible Intermediate of Catalytic Alkynes Conversion Reaction into Diiodosubstituted Dienes

Ananikov V., Mitchenko S.A., Beletskaya I.P., Nefedov S.E., Eremenko I.L., Inorg.Chem.Commun., 1998, 1, 411-414.
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Direct evidence was found that catalytic alkynes conversion reaction in the system Pt(IV)-I -I2 proceeds through a platinum(IV) σ-vinyl complex. A synthesis, X-ray structure determination, and a multinuclear NMR study of the key-intermediate complex [Pt(CH-CI- CH2OCH3)2(I)2] as well as an expansion of the catalytic reaction are shown.