A Novel Stereoselective and Catalytic C-C coupling Reaction: Acetylene Dimerization Accompanied by Addition of Iodine to Yield (E,E)-1,4-Diiodobutadiene-1,3 in the PtIV-I--I2-MeOH System

Mitchenko S.A., Ananikov V.P., Beletskaya I.P., Ustynyuk Yu.A., Mendeleev Commun., 1997, 4, 130-131.
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A new catalytic reaction – dimerization of acetylene accompanied by addition of iodine to yield (E,E)-1,4-diiodobuta-1,3-diene at 30°C in a methanolic solution of NaI, PtIV and I2 – has been found; a plausible reaction mechanism involves intermediate formation of a cis-divinyl derivative of platinum(IV) through two subsequent triple bond iodoplatination steps followed by reductive elimination of the final product.