Periodic system of molecules


Fascinating molecular material

Theoretical Modeling

Quantum chemical calculations and modeling


How are structure and properties interconnected?

Medicinal Chemistry

Synthetic organic chemistry for medicine and pharmaceutics

Electronic Properties

How are molecular structures and electronic properties connected?

Simply about the Complex

How do complex reactions really work?

Nanotubes Step by Step

How to turn graphene into nanotube?

Multilayered Materials

Molecular complexity layer by layer

Diamonds Are Forever

Inexhaustible potential of simple molecules

Nickel Catalysis

The “spirited horse” of modern chemical reactions

Atomic Precision

Selective organic reactions

Engineering of Reactors

Chemical processes in flasks, reactors, and chips

3D Printing

3D: from idea to object


Favorite reaction of organic chemists

Active Centers of Catalyst

Leaching and activation of nanocatalysts

Cocktail of Catalysts

How do catalytic reactions occur?

Invited Lectures at ZIOC RAS

Upcoming invited lecture:

September 14, 2017:
Prof. Michael Chetcuti,
Laboratoire de Chimie, Organométallique, ECPM, Université de Strasbourg, France.

"Adventures in Nickel N-Heterocyclic Carbene Chemistry and Catalysis".

We cordially invite our colleagues to deliver scientific lectures at Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

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Molecular Complexity

Organic chemistry is an area of modern science, which is in highest demand today, as it helps to improve the quality of human life and to design new generations of drugs including those to prevent and treat the socially important diseases. Most of the current industrial processes are based on the synthesis and processing of organic substances. Definitely, organic molecules are and will remain among the top priorities in the long-term development of chemical industry, including energy and fuel sectors.

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3D Printing in Chemistry

3D printing can significantly speed up the experimental chemical research, as it makes possible to manufacture even complex multi-component chemical equipment directly in the laboratory without a manufacturing delay. This applies both to the fundamental chemical research, as well as to research and engineering projects. We believe that this innovation can be a valuable tool in the creation of research equipment in chemical sciences.

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New Life of Old Molecules

A joint project of scientists from St. Petersburg State University and Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry investigated chemical applications of calcium carbide. The project advances the idea of diverse acetylene chemistry on the basis of carbide technology. Using the proposed approach, cheap and available carbide raw material has been effectively transformed into valuable products that are in demand in material science and organic synthesis.

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07 February 2017

IOLIOMICS – A research discipline of the future

IOLIOMICS is defined as a rapidly emerging research discipline dealing with the studies of ions in liquid phases and revealing fundamental properties of ionic interactions in biological and chemical systems (doi: 10.1021/acs.chemrev.6b00562).

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23 May 2016

Molecular wave of nanosized metal oxide catalyst

Metal oxides represent primary source of catalytic materials for a variety of industrial and research applications, either as an active phase or as a supporting phase. Mechanistic study conducted by Ananikov group revealed formation of catalytically active species due to partial dissolution of metal oxide in the reaction mixture and generation of soluble metal complexes.

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25 February 2016

Alkynes as a versatile platform for construction of chemical molecular complexity and realization of molecular 3D printing

In this review, the possible versatile synthons suitable for preparation of the main types of organic compounds using molecular 3D printing are examined. The surveyed data strongly indicate that alkyne molecules may be used as a building material in a molecular 3D printer working on hydrocarbons.

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08 February 2016

Graphene decharging and molecular shielding

A new joint theoretical and experimental study suggests that graphene sheets efficiently shield chemical interactions. One of the promising applications of this phenomenon is associated with improving the quality of 2D materials by "de-charging" defect centers on the surfaces of carbon materials. Another important feature is the ability to control selectivity and activity of the supported metallic catalysts M/C on the carbon substrate.

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11 January 2016

How sensitive and accurate are routine NMR and MS instruments?

A group of researchers from Zelinsky Institute have addressed technical questions concerning routine analytic characterization and provided a concise description of the most important features regarding the accuracy and sensitivity of NMR, EI-MS and ESI-MS measurements.

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Welcome to our lab!

What do we know about the life cycle of molecules and pathways of chemical reactions?

Laboratory of Elected Member of the Russian Academy of Science Valentine Ananikov introduces an interdisciplinary research project "Molecular complexity and transformation".

The main research areas of the laboratory: catalysis, organic synthesis, nanotechnology, carbon materials, photochemistry, molecular modeling, organic and physical chemistry.

The aim of the laboratory is to create an integrated methodology for experimental and theoretical study of the catalytic functionalization of organic molecules and the development of new methods in organic chemistry.

The application of the studied processes is linked to organic synthesis, an area that made a remarkable impact on the history of Russian chemistry. The contribution of Russian science to this bracnch is widely recognized in the world, because of the works of the prominent Russian scientists like Alexander Butlerov, Vladimir Favorsky, Nikolay Zelinsky, Mikhail Kucherov, Ivan Nazarov, Alexey Balandin.