20 Декабря 2022 г.

Оптимальный баланс в динамике катализатора с помощью системы Ni/NHC, созданной in situ

An efficient method for the C(2)-H arylation of (benz)imidazoles and (benz)oxazoles with aryl chlorides and aryl bromides under Ni/NHC catalysis has been developed. The main benefit of the method is the in situ generation of active Ni/NHC complexes from the air-tolerant bench-stable precursors NiCl2Py2, IMesHCl, and potassium tert-butoxide, which plays a dual role as base and Ni(II) to Ni(0) reductant. The approach represents a userfriendly alternative for procedures relying on the use of toxic phosphine ligands or unstable air-sensitive Ni(cod)2. The concept highlighted in the present study shows that mapping a competitive picture of catalyst dynamics and revealing the competitive processes towards the destruction and stabilization of catalytically active species enables a highly efficient catalytic system to be built under simple conditions.

Ссылка: ChemCatChem, 2022, e202201055

DOI: 10.1002/cctc.202201055