08 June 2023

Densely Packed Chemical Synthesis Equipment by 3D Spatial Design and Additive Manufacturing: Acetylene Generation Cartridge

Preparation of and carrying out chemical reactions often require considerable laboratory space. Miniaturization of chemical equipment and reducing laboratory space requirements are an essential task to improve cost-efficiency, as well as increase safety and decrease potential risks. In this work, we discuss the miniaturization of laboratory equipment through the spatial optimization of functional parts. To demonstrate this, we have optimized the size of one of the most cumbersome processes in the lab, the generation of gases from solid sources. We have developed a ready-to-use acetylene generation cartridge with a high degree of functional filling of the internal space, which significantly compacts its dimensions. The cartridge was sealed upon three-dimensional (3D) printing, prepacked with the reagent, and found suitable for long-term storage. In addition to acetylene generation, built-in water trap channels and a drying compartment made it possible to obtain dried gas on the output of the cartridge. The cartridge showed high efficiency in the reactions for the synthesis of bis(arylthio)-substituted ethenes and butadienes. To expand the range of products based on acetylene, a procedure for the synthesis of 1,2-bis(alkylthio)ethenes was developed. The use of the cartridge allowed us to obtain target Z-ethenes with good yields and stereoselectivity.

Reference: Org. Process Res. Dev., 2023, ASAP.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.oprd.3c00112.