03 June 2019

Selective oxidative esterification of 5-HMF

Oxidative esterification of biomass-derived 5-(hydroxymethyl) furfural (HMF) and furfural and their derivatives has been performed using a simple MnO2/NaCN system. The developed method allows the selective one-pot transformation of HMF to dimethyl furan-2,5-dicarboxylate (FDME) in 83% isolated yield without the formation of a free acid. Simplification of FDME production provides the missing link for manufacturing sustainable value-added materials from biomass. Addition of water to the oxidative system allows fine-tuning of reaction selectivity to obtain the previously difficult-to-access pure methyl 5-(hydroxylmethyl)furan-2-carboxylate in one step directly from the unprotected HMF without chromatographic separation.

Reference: Green Chem., 2019, ASAP

DOI: 10.1039/C9GC00840C

On-line version: https://pubs.rsc.org/en/content/articlelanding/2019/GC/C9GC00840C