Vadim Kachala


1995 - 2000 M. Sc., D. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow

2000 - 2003 Ph.D., Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry (ZIOC RAS)

Research interests:

NMR spectroscopy and its application in establishment of natural molecules (steroids, terpenoids, carbohydrates) and synthetic compounds; reactions' monitoring by NMR.


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2. Kachala V. V., Khemchyan L. L., Kashin A. S., Orlov N. V., Grachev A. A., Zalesskiy S. S., Ananikov V. P., "Target-Oriented Analysis of Gaseous, Liquid and Solid Chemical Systems by Mass Spectrometry, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Electron Microscopy", Russ. Chem. Rev., 2013, 82, 648 - 685. DOI


Photography, wake boarding, tourism.